1100  Cross Piece Grille
1200  Dowel Grille
1300  Lay-In Grille
1400  Dowel/Cross Piece Grille

1100 Cross Piece Grille

1200 Dowel Grille

1300 Lay-In Grille

1400 Dowel/Cross Piece Grille

Inspired by Alvar Aalto's slat ceilings, the 9Wood grilles combine the design features of popular wood grilles with cost-saving commercial construction criteria. The functionality of modern building maintenance such as accessibility and seismic compliance, MEP penetration and acoustic performance is made available in several attachment methods to commercial T-Bar grid suspension. Designs can be richly varied through a large choice of wood species and finishes, member sizes and spacing. Adding to the design palette are choices in perimeter trims, fixture cutouts and panel-end reveal patterns.

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