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4100 Tegular Tile

4300 Lift & Lock Tile

4400 Torsion Spring Tile

4500 XL Channel Tile

The 4300 Lift & Lock was designed to solve trouble accessing large panels. Grooves milled into panel edges are an industry standard "lift-and-shift edge" solution. But we found it nearly impossible to manipulate the "lift-and-shift edge" grooves into the T-Bar flange. We also didn't like the way seismic compliance was resolved. Nor the way the "lift-and-shift edges" sit halfway into the grid, making room perimeter installation a battle. So called "hook clip" solutions use budget-busting suspension systems. Accessibility, seismic compliance, easy large panel installation, standard suspension to keep costs down - these were the criteria facing our R&D team. Their work resulted in the Lift & Lock™ panel suspension solution. Creating a patented clip and lanyard design, they resolved the above design criteria, and even added the extra gain of a "hinged" lanyard. This permits the panel to hang in place during maintenance without dropping the panel. It worked so well we now use it on all panel sizes, even 2x2s.

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