6100  Modular Cube
6500  Monolithic Cube - T-Bar Grid
6600  Monolithic Cube - Wood Grid

6100 Modular Cube

6500 Monolithic Cube - T-Bar Grid

6600 Monolithic Cube - Wood Grid

The need for choices in addition to circular holes or linear edges inspired cube ceilings. The wood cell pattern creates a rich plenum mask. Open cell design also provides high percent opening acoustics. Because they ship as panels, Wood Cubes also provide easy Lift & Shift™ access to MEPs in the plenum. Cubes can be modular or monolithic. They can be designed using a variety of cell sizes, member depth, wood species and finish. Suspension is of two main varieties: commercial 9/16" T-Grid or our unique 9Wood "Mortise and Tenon" Wood-Grid which works particularly well with 3/8" member width.

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