Cost is a key consideration in any project. This is especially true with custom finishes, which are susceptible to being value-engineered out of a project.

Our estimating department works every day to find ways for our ceilings to fit your budget. The more information that is available to us, the more likely we are to be able to help you deliver on spec, on time, and on budget.

Our turn-around time for most quotes is two working days. In order to present as accurate a number as possible, these key pieces of information are needed:

  • A detailed project name
  • A shipping location (city and state)
  • Product desired
  • Species
  • Estimated ship date

Revit Models

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Wood Ceilings in 9 Minutes

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Ensure a successful design outcome: Learn about how to design and specify a better wood ceiling. 9Wood has some heads-up advice.

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