The 9Wood Acoustic Plank style wood ceiling offers a design with fine linear grooves. Typical planks are 192mm (7 9/16") wide, with 1.6mm wide grooves spaced 8mm or 16mm on center. Due to required fabrication tolerances, engineered veneered wood composites are used. Member lengths are 4' and 8' (Nominal).

The Acoustic Plank provides a continuous, monolithic fine linear groove appearance while providing superior acoustic attenuation. Access can be through strategically located access panels or from room perimeters. Planks are fabricated from real wood veneers on fire rated cores. Members are ganged together with tongue & groove joinery and screwed with clips to T-Bar main runners progressively.

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3100 Acoustic Plank (click links to download CAD details)

Kerf O.C.
Kerf Width
1/16" 1/8" 1/4"
5/16" 3108-2 3108-4  
5/8" 3116-2 3116-4 3116-8
1 1/4"" 3132-2 3132-4 3132-8

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