The 9Wood, Tegular Tile wood ceiling offers a tiled appearance. The 4100 style Tegular Tile hangs from and is accented by 15/16" standard black T-Grid. Reveals between panels are created by the width of the T-Bar flange (i.e., 15/16").

The Tegular Tile provides a modular tiled (Latin tegular) look. The T-Bar creates a reveal or, can be capped with wood for an accented border. Tiles are fabricated using real wood veneers on fire rated cores. This is a highly accessible system, with simple lift, shift and remove accessibility. In seismic zones it requires a safety-wire tie-off or lock-down screws. Tiles may be perforated (see series 5000 Perforated Wood Tiles).

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4100 Tegular Tile (click links to download CAD details)

Tile Width Tile Lenth (Parallel to Grain Direction)
24" 36" 48" 60" 72" 84" 96"
24" 4124-24 4124-36 4124-48 4124-60 4124-72 4124-84 4124-96
36" 4136-24 4136-36 4136-48 4136-60 4136-72 4136-84 4136-96
48" 4148-24 4148-36 4148-48 4148-60 4148-72 4148-84 4148-96

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