Module Sizes

The economic advantage of specifying standard module sizes is clear. What is not so clear is the decision tree necessary to determine what constitutes the standard module in any given application. In general, industry-wide module sizes follow one of three raw material selections:

  • Veneers (standard raw material module is a 4'x8' sheet good)
    e.g., Specifying a 24" x 24" panel produces a good yield, a 30" x 30" panel produces a poor yield.
  • Hardwood (standard modules 3/4" Net thickness by random width)
    e.g., Specifying a 3/4" x 2-1/4" member produces a good yield, 1" thick x 2-1/4 " wide produces a poor yield.
  • Softwood (nominal dimensional sizes; that is a 2"x4" nets out at 1-1/2 " x 3-1/2 ")
    e.g., Specifying a 5/8" x 3-1/4" member produces a good yield, a 1" x 2-3/4" produces a poor yield.

Of course, off-module sizes are available. For extra information and cost impacts of various options, please contact 9Wood Tech Support or your local architectural rep.

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