Perimeter Conditions

Perimeter conditions are often overlooked when specifying a suspended wood ceiling, despite having a substantial impact on cost and design details. Four suspended wood ceiling perimeters are used — Ledgers, Reveals, Floating, or Custom Perimeters:

  1. Floating (3-6" or greater) perimeters permit factory cutting based on approved shop drawings and can be quite cost effective.
  2. Ledgers using wall angle, shadow molding, or a wood ledger are the most cost effective perimeter detail because a ledger covers over field cut edges, making the installation cost effective and detailing attractive. This is an especially useful detail when specifying a veneered product, which otherwise might require costly endbanding.
  3. Reveals (1/2-1") often require precision field cutting or a high degree of as-built dimension coordination between 9Wood and the field. This can be expensive.
  4. Custom details requiring custom or non-perforated borders at the perimeter become a significant design decision. 9Wood has three methods for achieving custom or non-perfed borders at the perimeter:
    1. Plexiglas jigs for field perfing or routing
    2. Factory perfing or routing to approved shop drawings
    3. Factory perfing or routing to As-Built field dimensions

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