Suspension and Attachment

9Wood suspended wood ceilings are designed to attach, in a variety of ways, to commercial T-Bar grid. This means our products are specified in CSI Division 9, FINISHES, usually 09545 with the ceiling subcontractor trades in mind. Our Product Suite is designed to permit any experienced Acoustical Subcontractor familiar with standard T-Bar grid to achieve successful installs. Using T-Bar to suspend wood ceilings brings the advantages of suspended ceilings: systems familiarity, low interstitial suspension costs, ease of installing MEP assemblies, accessibility, and lower costs.

Accessibility solutions such as Lift & Lock™, tend to be least expensive. More elaborate accessibility options, such as torsion spring and hinged panels, are typically more expensive. Low-tech but elegant solutions, such as cross piece backers with direct screw attachment to the grid satisfy seismic issues and are cost effective. Four factors should be considered:

  1. Seismic Compliance: In non-seismic zones, Lift & Shift styles are available without safety wires.
  2. Access Locations: Certain areas are easier to access than others.
  3. Access Frequency: Low frequency access can support screw attachment, frequent access may require threaded bolt & nut attachment (9Wood Caddy Clip).
  4. Ceiling Height/Plenum Depth: Some plenums do not have space for upward panel lift-out.
  5. Seismic Zones require designs that attach our wood ceiling to seismically compliant Grid installations. For some Product Series (e.g., Wood Tiles) safety tie-offs may be required. Locally stamped engineering calcs may be required for permit compliance.

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