Green Values

9Wood's mission is "To improve the economic welfare and quality of life of all stakeholders." The environment is a stakeholder and we are committed to continuous improvement of sustainability practices. 9Wood uses The Natural Step (TNS) as a framework for monitoring and improving processes from the office to the factory floor. The TNS team is cross-departmental, meets monthly, and also works with other local businesses to learn and share ideas. The TNS also coordinates community-service projects such as Earth Day cleanup. 9Wood is honored to be the first company in Springfield to receive the BRING Recycling re:THINK award.

Re-planting in the McKenzie River Watershed

Located in western Oregon's Willamette Valley, 9Wood is located a few miles from the McKenzie River. Known for fishing, rafting and beautiful scenery, the McKenzie River basin is one of the nation's treasured watersheds. This basin is in part monitored and protected by the McKenzie River Watershed Council (MWC), whose vision is to "support exceptional water quality and habitats in balance with human livelihood and quality of life." The MWC is volunteer-based and represents interests from diverse stakeholders in the community, including conservation, recreation, government, and business. Through grants and donor funding, the watershed advises and manages protection and enhancement projects.

In an effort to make an investment in the local watershed, 9Wood recently partnered with the MWC's Water and Energy Learning Lab (WELL) program. This innovative program gives local middle school and high school students valuable hands-on, field-based experience. Students are involved with testing, surveying, and enhancing local riparian areas as part of their curriculum.

9Wood's sponsorship provided 200 native trees and shrubs, as well as tree tubes, weed mats, and stakes to protect the saplings as they grow. The trees were planted along the McKenzie River by a group of about 20 students from a local middle school. The native trees will help bring stability to the river banks, while providing habitat to local species. 9Wood staff planted the trees with the class and MWC staff for a fun and educational outing. The investment of both time and financial resources demonstrates 9Wood's commitment to protect and restore the environment. The local ties to the McKenzie River and Springfield students made the program a memorable and special experience.

Read more about the McKenzie Watershed Council here.

Waste Reduction

9Wood strives to divert as much material from the waste stream as possible through waste separation and recycling. Solid wood and panels are donated to organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Bring Recycling, and local schools for class projects. Wood scraps are available for local residents who heat their home with stoves. Other solid waste is used as hogged fuel in the production of mulch. 9Wood has recycled more than 20,000 pounds of metal since 2009. Other changes have also included switching to shredded documents for packaging samples, in lieu of plastic bubble wrap. Since the inception of the Natural Step team, various waste management and recycling measures have contributed several thousand dollars to the bottom line while reducing waste headed to the landfill.

Promote the Best

9Wood promotes environmentally-friendly wood products. These include FSC®-certified® wood, no-added urea formaldehyde substrates, regionally-sourced materials for locations in the Pacific NW and northern California, fast-growing species such as FSC® Pacific Albus, and reclaimed wood. 9Wood is an FSC® Chain-of-Custody holder since 2004 and a USGBC member since 2007. Let us know how we can assist in your LEED, Living Building, or other sustainability goals.

Environmental Quality

All jobsite-applied finish is low VOC and a variety of factory-applied low VOC finishes, including water-based are available. In addition, all cross piece backers use soy-based adhesive versus formaldehyde. 9Wood has done a full audit on the supply-chain and offers products assemblies that are Red List ready, as outlined by the International Living Building Institute.


A significant number of 9Wood employees commute sustainably to and from work. In 2014, the 9Wood Business Mgmt. department placed first in our metro area for using alternative means of transportation. Over the last several years, employees have walked or biked an estimated 100,000+ miles during thousands of commutes.

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