9Wood includes a standard one-year warranty on all ceilings whose installations comply with the requirements a "Track A" install listed in our "Wood Ceiling Acclimatization for Professionals" handbook (see page 15 for details).

We recognize, however, that various circumstances can prevent a wood ceiling from being installed in a controlled environment. One of two issues usually drives this situation: either the schedule does not allow proper acclimatization, or the HVAC will not be functional enough to control the environment. In such cases, we endeavor to help you mitigate negative effects and offer some viable design solutions.

When you anticipate or discover a less than perfect environment, the strategies outlined in the acclimatization handbook will greatly increase the chances of a successful installation. 9Wood cannot guaranty, however, that they will always and completely negate the effects of an improperly acclimatized ceiling.

Under such circumstances, there are two options. A project-specific "Assigned Risk Warranty" may be purchased from 9Wood to help manage the added risks associated with uncontrolled acclimatization. Alternately, the customer may decide to forgo warranties of any sort. This leaves all risk with the customer, but avoids the additional cost typically associated with an Assigned Risk Warranty.


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